The Academic structure is suitable for applicants seeking admissions in companies or schools of degree. You will need to be able to go to Abu Dhabi, if you are chosen to be involved in An Applicant Weekend. NYU Abu Dhabi assist with the visa method for all asked or accepted students and can include the expense with this travel, but you must be sure they have a valid passport for travel. Nonetheless, we produce our admissions decisions according to a radical analysis of each student's program and credentials, and we encourage you to reapply as long as there has been a purposeful change inside your skills for Abu Dhabi.

Yes, you are permitted submit an application to NYU Abu Dhabi for admission even if you have commenced working toward an undergraduate diploma at another college. Nonetheless, regardless of training previously completed's sum or amount, all students may enter Abu Dhabi as first-year pupils for a four- length of review. The Office of Monetary Help of nYU Abu Dhabi will tailor the large monetary support packages for your needs that are specific of the School.

Please contact the Abu Dhabi office to discuss your particular scenario, in case you anticipate a wait in publishing many supporting files. Select people will undoubtedly be asked to fulfill with members of the admissions panel during among the ielts Abu Dhabi Prospect Breaks, that will take place in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi will contacts all applicants that are suitable to prepare for this visit. We promote all candidates attend an info program within their town or spot or to go to the NYU Abu Dhabi campus whenever you can.